View More: http://theblackbirdink.pass.us/rockwoods2014I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at Virginia Tech. Prior to this appointment I received my Ph.D. from UC San Diego (June 2014).

My main research interests are in early modern epistemology and metaphysics. Much of my research to this point has been on how, according to Locke, we can have knowledge of the existence of objects and their properties. This was the topic of my dissertation and previous publications (2013 and 2016). My more recent projects are moving in the direction of how, according to Locke, we can form rationally justified beliefs that fall short of knowledge, the most important of which are the claims of science and religion. With respect to metaphysics, I am particularly interested in early modern accounts of causation and the laws of nature. Current projects on this theme include Locke’s account of secondary qualities as dispositional properties and Descartes on the necessity of the laws of nature.

Some of my research is in the philosophy of religion (both historical and contemporary). I am currently working on a series of papers that explore how, according to Locke, religious belief can be rationally justified. I also have given presentations and have ongoing projects on contemporary discussions of divine foreknowledge and human freedom, and challenges to the traditional doctrine of hell.

Aside from what I work on for my research, I enjoy reading and talking about most areas of philosophy. In particular, I am interested in ancient Greek philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and I have a growing interests in medieval.